Izonet team's cohesion and teamwork, waterproofing knowledge and skills are tempered in various fields and various challenges for more than a decade...
We would like to tell you how we see ourselves – we are craftsmen and artists, draftsmen and creators with the soul, and masters and apprentices, and architects and builders… We are friends of beautiful and functional, friends of nature and plants, gathered in one place, with our aim to improve the quality of life and construction of life and cohabitation with nature.
To design and to plan, imagine and visualize, explain and present, and not to perform and develop, make and create, it would be a shame, would be unfulfilled wish. To have and admire, see from every angle, to feel and touch, to be proud of what you have and not think about the hands that developed and made it, shaped and formed it, it would be an even greater pity, even insensitivity. The greatest glory of all our successfully finished projects goes to our craftsmen on site, tangible results of their skilled hands, poured experience and knowledge, will and dedication, sacrifice and love for the work…
We present to you our support to craftsmen on site, and also the bridge to our clients…
Tomislav Bralo, a projects leader and globally our fearless leader. If we say that someone has a big heart, then Tomo, we dare to say, has a giant heart. Honest, hard- working and innovative in every way of looking. A true workaholic. He says “no” only when nothing else can be done. Tomo does not talk much, but he listens a lot, and you can almost hear the wheels in his head spinning the ideas while his customers are talking about what they want. A cheerful perfectionist who loves new challenges.
Bojana Krstonijević, an architect by profession, and a director by function. Looks on the world by sincere eyes of a common man, and on space and matter – by subtle eyes of an architect. She is in an eternal quest for beautiful, functional and humane. Cautious and reserved where others would lose their brakes, cheerful and optimistic where everybody thinks that there is no hope. Her life’s endeavors and principles – justice and honesty, truth and sincerity, and love to life and to what she does – she always brings into work, she does not know the other way, neither she wants to.
Radomir Lukić, engineer and operational coordinator of our team. Tireless, responsible and hardworking team member. The first one to come, the last one to leave. At the construction site - the boss, among our masters and team - colleague. He does not like when higher powers do not allow him to finish something as he already planned according to his favorite parole: "What you can do today, do not leave for tomorrow." On technical nonsense he always says "It’s not going to happen.", and that's how it always is.
Aleksandar Đikanović is our young and innovative technical support for all our partners and masters of their crafts, and in accordance with the tasks that his function carries – very organized and hardworking person. Aco admits himself that work makes him happy, he really likes to work, and he shares his knowledge with others always and in every place. He is the supporter of the philosophy - "what's on the mind, it's on the road", so he does not like stories behind his back. Always and at any moment he will give you the correct solution for your projects.
Milena Jauković, a young, hardworking and flight architect, who transfers all our ideas, sketches, even scribbles, onto paper and creates a meaningful model and detail out of it. For all of our presentations, models and visual identity, in the news that we bring to you, stands the signature – Milena. She listens to the environment very carefully, cordially conveys her knowledge and valuable work to others, she likes her vocation and does not give up until she completes her job perfectly.
The main masters and instructors of Izonet team
Nermin Šehić - Master Nero. We've been a team for 15 years. He left behind a non-transparent surface of successfully completed roofs with PVC and TPO membranes, and bituminous tapes as well. A smell of a welded membrane is for him as good as a smell of a coffee, and coffee is his favorite beverage. Fast, cordial and explosive in everything he does. Cautious in making decisions, determined and eager to finish the job as soon as possible. His parole is: ‘’ PVC membranes are the queen of all waterproofings. ’’ The host of our team.
Saša Miladinović – Master Sale. Unsurpassed for ’’trowel’’ and all types of coating waterproofings. He will immediately tell you which material is good for a certain position, which one is not good, which one has excellent and which one has poor properties. While he works he always whistles melodies of some old Russian songs or Yugoslavian rock songs. Romantic in his soul, realist in his work. Responsible and precise, traditional, both in society, and at work. Conveyed his craft to many others.
Mlađan Pavlović – Master Rođo. ’’Why do they call you Rođo?’’ And with a wide smile he just says: ’’Weeellllll, I dont know. I guess because I am just good with everyone.’’ And he really is. Rođo is a chill and cheerfull master of his work, equaly good with ‘’trowel’’ and different types of membranes. Because of his mild nature and love for his work, he is favored among our other masters. Fast, hardworking, loyal, and no break until the job is finished.
Zoran Šikuljak – Master Zoka. The old school of our collective. His most powerful ‘’weapon’’ – torch. A bitumen master. Stylish in movements, stable in welding, without skipping, without errors. He’s also, an excellent "membraner" (jargon: Master for roof membranes). ‘’How’s it going Zoka?’’ ‘’It goes, it goes, “by itself” … ‘’ while he lays down the 345th square meter at +40 degrees. His work is measured in square kilometers. Stabile, stubborn and hardworking. You can bribe him, but only for sweets.
To continue with is our best friend, our mascot – dog Žućo. Every day happily welcoming us and sending to work too. Waiting, keeping safe and taking our smiles after, very often, so hard work day.