who we are

Waterproofing is what we do and what we love. We design waterproofing and other related systems, perform all types of hydro-thermal systems and systems associated with green roofs, terraces, plateaus, small olive trees planters, swimming pools, bathrooms… We prevent the negative impact of water, enjoy the landscape architecture and we are involved in horticulture as well… We learned to watch, listen and feel the nature and we bring that feeling into the work.
More than a decade of work is behind us, and successfully completed projects is a three digits number – from a small balconies to a complex roofs of 30000 m². 10 years of great challenges, sometimes difficult moments, always with a new huge responsibility, is transformed into a unique positive experience and knowledge and to our great love for the work.
We have over 130000 hours spent with clients, 99855 hours spent in drawing and designing details, trucks of papers with technical details and systems, suitcases of torn working shoes, smart heads under helmets and a common full heart ready for work. We speak several languages, and we use an inarticulate one when it is necessary. We explain the best through the drawings and we do not choose the place or time to make an arrangement. We mostly strive for harmony in architecture and construction, but also for human relations. We are correct, responsible, precise, organized and we do our job excellent – and you can account on all of that while doing a business with us.
We design and implement the most sensitive part of your building, your home, a part which is in direct touch with mother-nature, rain, storms, wind, snow, sun… Where your dreams begin, where your idyllic pictures of life rotate, where you feel safe and protected, right there is our greatest responsibility and ultimate challenge. To ensure that your home is safe, warm and dry, we provide you with top quality waterproofing solutions appropriate to your own building and needs.
We constantly follow trends, local and global, and with great pleasure we accept moving of nature into buildings and a challenge in finding the best solutions for it. It is not the point to plant an olive tree on top of the building and just admire to that olive tree. The point is to ensure good environment, water and humidity for it. We listened, designed, drawn and poured the functional system to maintain a life of that small olive tree above us, and our home is still dry, warm and cozy.
All our professional products, which will add value to your projects due to their functionality and high quality, can be found in our wholesale at Kovačko polje b.b., in Kotor.
What sets Izonet wholesale apart from others is that our entire range is always available to customers in a certain amount.

We are very happy and satisfied, and if you allow proud too, for being able to turn, every construction project, big or small, with our work in terms of waterproofing, into your safe and peaceful home or into your safe and long-term investment.
We look forward to your reviewing of our website and we are at your disposal through direct communication for any of your questions.