Paving system on adjustable floor support

ETERNO IVICA is an Italian company that has developed and improved the paving system on adjustable floor support. As you will see below, paving on adjustable supporters can be installed both externally and internally, on surfaces that are tilted or flat, and at heights of only 10 mm up to 550 mm. This system has many technical advantages, whether it is easy and simple to install, changing installations during and after setting up the paving, or to reduce the load on the waterproofing layers beneath the paving. Beside ceramic and stone, also concrete slabs or wooden paving can be placed directly on floor support or aluminum joist.

Waterproofing foundations

Foundations are an integral part of every building and they must be protected from moisture in the soil. They should also be protected from groundwater that is occasionally or permanently present around the foundation, as well as from water in the structure, in the case of a pool or a water tank. In order not to cause stains, mold, or plaster fall from the walls due to excess moisture, good horizontal and vertical waterproofing of the foundations is required, both from capillary water and from water penetration.

Special floor systems for interior rooms

Gutjahr is a German company that produces top quality drainage systems. They have programs for interior and exterior paving, as well as for the facade with ceramic tiles. We usually install them with Ardex waterproofing layers because their products together have proven to be a great solution.

Waterproofing bathrooms

Nowdays in modern architecture, the function of the bathroom goes beyond the basic needs of man. The bathroom is seen as a personal space and is increasingly attached to the importance of its visual appearance. This visualization can often be disturbed by the negative factors caused by water leaks, moisture on the walls etc. Consequently, it is very important to select the right materials and to properly incorporate them into a functional bathroom waterproofing system.

Drainage systems

Drainage layer is a very important aspect of the entire floor system. Because of it the life of waterproofing and paving is extended. In addition to amortizing the movements of the various layers, the drainage layer permits deformation of the substrate itself without visible effects on the paving. Thanks to drainage water leaves the system faster and easier and goes to the drain.

Waterproofing intensive green roofs - planters

​​Under the concept of planters, in our thematic case, we consider the recessed parts in the construction of the building whose space we want to fill up with the soil substrate and other necessary layers to make them appropriate for planting selected plants ( ranging from flowers, grass and shrubby plants to large trees). Architectural planning of human living spaces with the selection, implementation and refinement of man's building green vegetation is the true challenges of the architecture and represents a true and lasting value. If our small, intimate garden terrace or roof is at the same time, functional, safe and easy to maintain, then we can be sure that we are on the right path.

Waterproofing pool areas

We solve pool areas in a specific way by using multiple products from several companies. We work with best products on the market to create the safest waterproofing system.

Waterproofing teracces and balconies

Waterproofing systems terraces and balconies are in a very important area of waterproofing buildings. Terraces in a constructive and architectural sense generally make flat roof building or a part thereof, and by purpose generally fall into walkable roofs.