Paving system on adjustable floor support

ETERNO IVICA is an Italian company that has developed and improved the paving system on adjustable floor support. As you will see below, paving on adjustable supporters can be installed both externally and internally, on surfaces that are tilted or flat, and at heights of only 10 mm up to 550 mm. This system has many technical advantages, whether it is easy and simple to install, changing installations during and after setting up the paving, or to reduce the load on the waterproofing layers beneath the paving. Beside ceramic and stone, also concrete slabs or wooden paving can be placed directly on floor support or aluminum joist.
To find out what types of waterproofing are installed on balconies and terraces under the paving on adjustable floor support, click here.
In the download zone you can find a material for paving system on adjustable floor support in pdf file.

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