Waterproofing teracces and balconies

Waterproofing systems terraces and balconies are in a very important area of waterproofing buildings. Terraces in a constructive and architectural sense generally make flat roof building or a part thereof, and by purpose generally fall into walkable roofs.
Balconies or loggias are generally cantilevered extension or continuation of certain small room facility provided that the area is not covered, and in principle, only limited protective fence. With its lower surface typically "pops up" from the main architectural complex object. And terraces and balconies are among the very important area of waterproofing and waterproofing defects can cause the most negative events, such as water leakage and the occurrence of moisture in living areas below. There are frequent and aesthetic distortion facade fronts of buildings as a result of causing the saltpeter, calcification areas, etc.

Terraces and balconies in waterproofing sense approach as walkable roofs with the fact that the terraces as a rule has a concrete parapet and we do not have in the case of balconies and that is the difference between those two systems. And with terraces and balconies is extremely important that the waterproofing layers connect well with the existing openings and waterproofing layers properly raise (the recommendation is 15 cm from the finished elevation paving).

Waterproofing systems with the final stone or ceramic tiling, are described under the category of 
waterproofing systems walkable roofs.