Waterproofing walkable flat roofs

In walkable roofs also includes those roof position on the building whose primary and constructive role is protecting the building from adverse weather conditions. Walkable roofs in architectural terms represent and height end of the building or some of its prominent parts. Also, walkable roofs in addition to its primary role and have the important and complex role of useful external construction area as a passageway for people - podium plateau, playgrounds, recreation and entertainment space, parking space for vehicles etc.

The most common upper, finishing cover of walkable roof are stone and ceramic paving, wood, concrete and composite paving and asphalt. In recent years, are increasingly being used artificially colored, exposed and non-slip covers made of polyurethane, polyurea and epoxy.
The design and contractual terms, unobstructed roofs present a real challenge. To unobstructed roof in terms of the exploitation was functional and beautiful, it is necessary to adhere to the technical rules and modern achievements both in designing and in the performative sense.

Improvisation and incompetence does not pay so fast and expensive as in poor design and poor performance of walkable roofs, that is a fact. This rule simply does not have exception, and the negative and serious consequences are always visible. Simply, with walkable roofs does not have space for error and there is no place for unrealistic financial savings because costs of the roof repairs collects multiple of any of the original versions during the construction of the structure. If there is a leakage and moisture from walkable roof, the only true solution is dismantling - the destruction of all previously performed layers to the reinforces construction and re-design of the overall system and making the new one.