Flat walkable roofs with stone or ceramic paving

We present the case of flat walkable roof with stone or ceramic tiling, and with purpose of podium, to play, to have fun and etc. It should be noted that other types of final paving and the specifics of the building itself and only dictate the design layers of walkable roofs. So, there is no universal and all applicable system. It is also possible to combine ceramics with a sedum roof system. In this way the space would be additionaly refined.
During designing walkable flat roofs with stone or ceramic paving, intended for pedestrian use, a particular and without exception, to predict the following layers and their arrangement:

•   RC slab
•   secondary waterproofing layer and vapor barrier
•   thermal insulation
•   lean concrete in fall, min.2% to drains
•   primary waterproofing
•   drainage layer
•   stone or ceramic paving
•   drain line and point drains (drains three-zone)
Here's an example of how we can handle walkable roof with ceramics as a finishing pavement.
Here's an example of how we can handle walkable roof with ceramics set on adjustable floor support and in combination with sedum roof.
In following text you can read more about each layer of the system individually.
It is recommended and it would be ideal to be completed when the reinforced concrete slab, the concrete mix "out" to catchment place with a fall of 0.5%.

Secondary waterproofing and vapor barrier through unique product form are an important element of the whole system. This layer will be ready to accept any kind of emergency water, steam or water trapped in the building, and he successfully directed towards transfer units. Our recommendation for this type of roof is bitumen adhesive tape with aluminum inlay - NOVALL I.

As thermal insulation in this case walkable roofs recommend closed thermal structure - water-non absorbent structure or extruded polystyrene XPS or sprayed polyurethane foam.

Lean concrete in fall shall not be less than 4 cm, should be reinforced with glass fibers and separated from the thermal insulation layer by PE film (plain nylon construction). The cement screed must be the continuous drop of at least 2% of the catchment areas, smooth and flat.

The primary waterproofing is the key and most important layer of the system, the quality of primary waterproofing has to be extremely high. For this roof system, with considering the construction and demanding challenging post-installation period, primary waterproofing should be highly mechanically resistant, also very elastic, with a strong adhesion to the substrate, resistant to chemical compounds, bacteria, highly resistant to sudden temperature changes, etc.
For primary waterproofing layer for walkable roofs we recommend:
• ESHADESMOLAST, poliurethane, hand coated or by cold sprayed system
• ARDEX 8+9, polymer cement waterproofing made from two components

The drainage layer
placed over the entire surface beneath the paving is the backbone of the whole system.
The role of the drainage layer is very positive because:
• there is no trapping of water beneath layers of pavement and paving does not change color and no occurrence of stains
• dripping water, travels quickly out of pavement layers and adhesives and paving dries quickly, which is especially important in the continental regions of low temperatures
• waterproofing becomes free and relief from long-term presence of the chemical "aggressive" water as it significantly increases the time of active exploitation
• drainage layer acts compensatory between different surfaces and layers, and not cracking stone or ceramic paving
• the paving is by means of these special drainage layers, you'll never see the ugly traces of saltpetre or calcified marks or stains.

If You are interested in drainage systems and You would like to see what we have to offer, please click here.

The stone or ceramic paving must be set with the help of special binding material (adhesive), which has a permeability properties for water without losing its additive ingredients. There is another way to fix ceramic paving, and in this case instead of adhesive it can be used special drainage material ARDEX A 10.
For the entire system and the functionality, are very important adequate drainage line and dotted drains. Dotted drains should have the possibility of drainage water inlet with multiple levels.

In the download zone you can find a more detailed description of the products ARDEX 8+9, ARDEX S7 PLUS, ARDEX S8 FLOW, ESHADESMOLAST, ESHADESMOLAST HRD, PURTEX, NOVALL-I, WATEC® DRAIN KP+, ND 5+1 and ND 120.