Izonet d.o.o. is located at the address Kovačko polje bb, in Kotor.
We are partners and general importers of over 30 global brands in Montenegro.
With us, you can find not only top waterproofing systems but also all other materials that are closely related to waterproofing.
The peculiarity of our business is the fact that we always have all the materials in stock in certain quantities. 
Visit us and see our innovative systems and material range in our showroom. Our team of experienced engineers and top experts from this specialized sector will help you with professional, proven and experienced knowledge and skills.
You can contact us via:
e-mail: veleprodaja@izonet.net
mob: +382 67 06 57 58
instagram: @izonet_veleprodaja
If you want to improve your previous knowledge and abilities while also learning new ones, we offer professional and practical training at our master's school - Izonet Academy.
Those interested can contact us at team@izonet.net or via our Instagram accounts @izonet hidroizolacije / @izonet roofs floors walls / @izonet veleprodaja .