Underground waterproofing project - Mimoza hotel, Tivat

Hotel Mimoza, located right on the shore of Tivats' waterfront Pine, emerged from the sea and start to take on the outline of a new city feature. The installation of waterproofing on the underground floors has been successfully completed, despite the fact that the underground structures of the building are in constant contact with water almost the entire surface.

Reconstruction of the flat roof in Tivat

Hotel La Roche was build right on the seafront, on the unique promenade Pine in Tivat. With its refined stone facade and decisive terraces, it is a unique example of the architectural form and skill of the master in execution.

Green roof in Budva

Overlooking the sea and the tourist metropolis of Montenegro, a beautiful green roof of an impressive multi-storey building came to life together with a flat passable roof.

Project Ksenija – Porto Montenegro, Tivat

A large number of water surfaces such as swimming pools and decorative water walls, even more constructive planters with thick vegetation, large trees and flowers, scattered all over the building, then terraces, plateaus, stairwells and flat roofs make an indented structure rounded in a functional and long-lasting waterproofing system.

Project Tara – Porto Montenegro, Tivat

The structure of the residential facility Tara is jagged with terraces looking on the bay, walkable roofs and plateau with swimming pools and with many constructive planters with Mediterranean plants.

Remediation and reconstruction works

Water reveals even the slightest failures in waterproofing systems regardless whether they were badly designed, poorly performed or the post-installation relation is bad. Remediation and reconstruction works are long-lasting and technically very complicated, but often necessary. We are available to you for their design and construction.