Remediation and reconstruction works

Water reveals even the slightest failures in waterproofing systems regardless whether they were badly designed, poorly performed or the post-installation relation is bad. Remediation and reconstruction works are long-lasting and technically very complicated, but often necessary. We are available to you for their design and construction.
When it comes to nature, and here we talk about fundamental natural occurrence – rain, every little failure in waterproofing systems in construction is being “punished”, regardless whether the systems were badly designed, poor performance or poor post-installation relation. We will not describe the consequences specifically since we all know what happens to our living space which is exposed to the negative influence of water in form of leakage, humidity, condensation, etc.

These kind of remediation and reconstruction works are long-lasting and technically complicated. Unfortunately, they are often very necessary.
During our previous work, we have successfully performed many of works like this so we bring it to you presented on pictures that speak more than words.

Technologies we used:
  • Injection of various fillers, starting from the gel curtains, expandable foams, etc.
  • Application of various penetrates to stop the flow of water from the negative side (to inside).
  • Waterproofing of various dotted critical spots.
  • Mostly complete reconstruction of positions followed by total removal of all layers, and design and performance of new system details, until the complete finish of a position. Complete reconstruction is also the best way to eliminate the problem of leakage.