Reconstruction of the flat roof in Tivat

Hotel La Roche was build right on the seafront, on the unique promenade Pine in Tivat. With its refined stone facade and decisive terraces, it is a unique example of the architectural form and skill of the master in execution.
Our job was to provide hydrothermal protection which was consisted of a system of two layers of waterproofing - self-adhesive bitumen membrane and waterproofing PVC membrane, then specially designed and installed telescopic drains, as well as a layer of extruded polystyrene, with a protective drainage filter system.

Client: Olive Invest d.o.o.

Flat roofs – self-adhesive bitumen membrane – TEXSELF PE 2 mm – TEXSA
Flat roofs – waterproofing PVC membrane – VINITEX MAT 1.5 mm – TEXSA

Installation of protective drainage system – ND 120 – NOPHADRAIN
Installation of protective system on terraces – WATER DRAIN KP+ – GUTJAHR

Project is completed in 2016.