Waterproofing balconies

Balcony waterproofing system differs from the waterproofing systems for terrace and walkable roofs, primarily in that the balconies have no need for thermal insulation and vapor barrier, especially as balconies are not limited with perimetric cornice. Drainage from the balcony in principle regulate in a way that the construction balconies leaned outward and allow the swelling water in specially installed terraced, frontal and side gutter system.
Introducing one of the types of waterproofing balconies with a final tiling, in the form of stone or ceramics:
•  RC structures
•  secondary waterproofing
•  cement screed on the decline of 1.5%,
•  primary waterproofing
•  drainage layer
•  stone or ceramic paving
•  special aluminum peripheral flashing with perimetric aluminum gutter horizontal and vertical drains.
• RC construction of balconies should be in the phase of construction lean outward, the upper layer of lean in the fall of 1% towards the outside.

• Secondary waterproofing is set for safety reasons, we recommend a polymer cement coating.

• Cement screed in fall shall not be less than 4 cm, should be reinforced with glass fibers and separated from the secondary waterproofing layer PE film (plain nylon construction). The cement screed must be the continuous decline of at least 1.5% outwards.

 The primary waterproofing is the key and most important layer of the system and the quality of primary waterproofing should be extremely high.
For the primary waterproofing balconies recommended materials:
•   polyurethane-coated by hand or machine sprayed cold system
•   polymer-coating with adequate tape for corners.

 The drainage layer placed over a large area under the paving is the backbone of the whole system.
The role of the drainage layer is extremely positive and very important and therefore:

•   there is no capture of water beneath layers of paving and paving took on various colors, and there is no appearance of stains
•   drainage water travels quickly out of pavement layers and adhesives and paving dries quickly. This is particularly important in the continental regions of low temperatures.
•   waterproofing was freed and relieved of the long-term presence of chemical "aggressive" water as it significantly increases the time of active exploitation
•   drainage layer acting compensatory between different surfaces and layers, and not cracking stone or ceramic paving
•   the paving is by means of these special drainage layers, you'll never see the ugly traces of saltpetre or calcified marks or stains.
If you would like to know more about the products we offer for drainage, please click here.
 Stone or ceramic tiling must be set with the help of special binding material (adhesive) which has a permeability to water without losing its additive ingredients.

• For the entire system and its functionality, are very important adequate drainage line and dotted drains. Dotted drains should have the possibility of drainage water inlet with multiple levels.
The systems that we use for waterproofing the balkonies classified by manufacturers :