Waterproofing walkable flat roofs

In walkable roofs also includes those roof position on the building whose primary and constructive role is protecting the building from adverse weather conditions. Walkable roofs in architectural terms represent and height end of the building or some of its prominent parts. Also, walkable roofs in addition to its primary role and have the important and complex role of useful external construction area as a passageway for people - podium plateau, playgrounds, recreation and entertainment space, parking space for vehicles etc.

Waterproofing impassable flat roofs

Impassable roofs, mostly flat shapes, are designed in such a way that their waterproofing cover directly exposed and visible, and in the second variant is protected and loaded. Impassable flat roofs with exposed and visible waterproofing cover technically classify and call exposed impassable flat roofs. Impassable flat roofs where waterproofing is protected by cover and loaded with gravel or other material, called protected or in practice most often - ballast impassable flat roofs.