Waterproofing intensive green roofs - planters

​​Under the concept of planters, in our thematic case, we consider the recessed parts in the construction of the building whose space we want to fill up with the soil substrate and other necessary layers to make them appropriate for planting selected plants ( ranging from flowers, grass and shrubby plants to large trees). Architectural planning of human living spaces with the selection, implementation and refinement of man's building green vegetation is the true challenges of the architecture and represents a true and lasting value. If our small, intimate garden terrace or roof is at the same time, functional, safe and easy to maintain, then we can be sure that we are on the right path.
• In order to, on our above-ground facility, we can truly and successfully establish favorable conditions for the growth and development of plants, we need to know natural solutions (in which all that beautiful plant life is formed) and we have to be very close to them with our solutions.

• In addition to natural laws, we must strongly take into account the technical and technological principles of building construction units or intensive green roofs - planters and in several very important technical areas. Without them our wishes and dreams of green olive tree, oleander and white roses on the terrace of the apartment on the fourth floor, turn into a nightmare that we would not be able to easily solve.

• Here we will handle with one type of deep planter with all the technical details, which by its constructive and substantive sense belongs to intensive or massive green roofs. These planters are suitable for planting shrubby plants and flowers, and trees as well.

The main technical and technological features of the contruction system of intensive structural roofs – planters:

Supporting structure of intensive green roof – planters. Best supporting structure is reinforced concrete, however, in special cases it is possible to apply some other load-bearing structures such as steel, wood, etc.

Horizontal slope layers of intensive roofs – planters. horizontal slope of layers must be conspicuous, in the range of 2.5 - 4% depending on the size of intensive green roof. horizontal expressed slope is very important for waterproofing layers, because rapid flow of water has beneficial effects on longevity and functionality of waterproofing layers, and all the other layers. the most convenient way of making horizontal slope layers is with concrete mixed with granules of expanded polystyrene eps which significantly reduced the weight of the layer.

• Waterproofing system of intensive green roof - planters. This layer is the most important part of the overall system and the negative consequences of poorly executed and poorly constructed waterproofing systems in this case are considered to be one of the greatest errors in the construction with large negative consequences.

Waterproofing systems that we recommend and prefer in performance are:
In the download zone you can find the solution of the whole system of the planters in pdf file.

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