Polyurethane waterproofing system

Polyurethane waterproofing system is suitable for intensive green roofs - planters, characterized as seamless, cold, single component waterproofing coating that can be applied to almost all substrates and materials. Achieves strong adhesion to the support, it is very flexible, and resistant to rooting , being dried and hardened by atmospheric humidity. This system is especially effective for work on smaller positions. It is resistant to most chemical compounds that can be found on the structure, resistant to various microorganisms and bacterum. It is applied manually using a roller or brush, and possible mechanical spraying and has a great potential in the application during the processing of various penetrations and details.
In the download zone you can find a more detailed description of the products Eshadesmolast Primer Aqua 2K, Eshadesmolast, Eshadesmolast HRD and Purtex.

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