Intensive green roofs

Intensive green roofs are compared to green areas such as parks and landscapes on the ground. This type of roof you need a large amount of water and regular maintenance. The vegetation consists of diverse vegetation such as grasslands, shrubby vegetation and trees, with vegetation can be combined and paths for pedestrians as well as tracks for cars. Intensive green roofs are not designed only to high-rise buildings, but also ideal for underground structures, such as underground garages. The space that we have taken from the soil due to the construction of buildings or underground structures such as underground garage indirect returns through the installation of intensive green roof.

The benefits of intensive green roof are:

• optimum use of space - the insertion of this type of roof with its purpose refining of living space, especially in urban areas, and improving the quality and quantity of life
• reduce the burden on the drainage system - green roof slows runoff rainwater and reduce water pressure in drains during major downpours
• suppression of occurrence of thermal bridge - as opposed to concrete roofs, intensive green roofs can convert solar energy into heat completely, but creates the cooling effect of the environment due to the conversion of water into steam
• protection of waterproofing systems - vegetation intensive green roof helps protect the waterproofing from the negative effects of the sun and rain, and thus a positive effect on the lifespan of the waterproofing system.

The system of intensive green roofs:

The system of intensive green roofs we deliver complete, starting with the waterproofing of green roofs, through drainage systems to the vegetation.

The core of the extensive green roof:

ND 5+1 is ideal drainage layer below intensive green roof. Represents multi-purpose drainage system with a CE mark that has a high compressive strength. This product protects the vegetation from excessive water retention in the winter and during the rain, and in the summer dry period provides a sufficient amount of water vegetation with its integrated water tank. It also protects the waterproofing of green roof of hydrostatic pressure and mechanical damage during and after installation. Beside the drainage accumulation layer ND 5+1, for intensive green roofs we also use ND 120, drainage layer for vertical surfaces. This layer installs in combination with profile ND Clic.


Izonet offers another system for intensive green roofs, in which the waterproofing materials of the Italian company Diasen are presented, as well as the drainage system from Nophadrain. Take a look at the mentioned system - click here.

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