Parking space on roofs

What is a parking space on the roofs?

Parking spaces allow relocation of the surrounding environment building on its roof and is usually combined with intensive green roofs.

Benefits of parking space on the roofs:

• relocation of parking spaces on the roof of building, gave the building environment more options for decorating, and thus create new opportunities for a different use of space on the roof
• roof seamlessly blended with the surrounding landscaping
• protection of waterproofing systems - this type of roof vegetation helps protect the waterproofing from the negative effects of the sun and rain, and thus a positive effect on the lifespan of the waterproofing system
• due to its combining with vegetation, a positive effect on the environment. It also prevents the occurrence of thermal bridges and reduces the load on the drainage system.

The system of parking space on the roofs

The system of parking space on the roofs we deliver complete, starting with the waterproofing of green roofs to drainage systems.

The core of parking space on the roofs

The core of parking space on the roofs drainage systemND 620 for parking cars and parking of heavy goods vehicles and emergency vehicles is scheduled ND 620 HD. Both systems have a high compressive strength. ND 620 / ND 620 HD are excellent drainage systems that allow water run-off from the layer beneath the pavement and prevent freezing and negative phenomena in the paving in the form of their shift - scaling. This means that these two systems offer a stable substructure underneath one of the flexible pavement. 
If you would like more information about drainage systems, please click here.
In the download zone you can find a more detailed description of the product ND 620 and ND 620 ND, as well as propostion schemes for parking space on the roof for car or truck. If you want more detailed information please contact us.

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