Podium - plateau on roofs

What are the podium - a plateau on the roofs?

Podium - plateau on the roof is an interesting combination of solution space for walking and vegetation green roof. Therefore should allow the installation of the concrete surface, and the stone paving over the roof. To prevent the adverse impact on the surrounding landscaping of the roof, it is necessary to install a drainage system of high strength. Design poor drainage system can cause coverings water, and change the color of the tiling and the vegetation, and in the winter frost.

Advantages podium - plateaus on roofs:

  • maximizing open space - podiums - plateaus create additional living space in unexpected places which offer private or public access
  • prevent damage to tiling - drainage system of high compressive strength has an excellent power drainage, and thus preventing the appearance of lime and saltpeter in the paving
  • protection of waterproofing systems - this type of roof vegetation helps protect the waterproofing from the negative effects of the sun and rain, and thus a positive effect on the lifespan of the waterproofing system
  • provides a positive contribution to the environment - it is common to be combined with vegetation, thuspositively affecting the areas of biodiversity, suppressing the occurrence of thermal bridges and reduces the load on the drainage system.

System podium - plateau on the roofs

System podium - plateau on the roof supply the complete, ranging from waterproofing of green roofs to drainage systems.

The core of the podium

The core of the floor - terraces on the roof drainage system ND 220 represents a versatile drainage system with a CE mark that has a high compressive strength and prevent stagnation of water beneath the pavement. Because of all that prevents the appearance of saltpetre and tartar in the tiling, color changes paving and vegetation, preventing freezing and as such is a stable layer below the paving. ND 220 suppresses the formation of hydrostatic pressure on the layer systems of green roofs. This drainage system contains a layer that relieves pressure, and in combination with the ND TGF-20 Separation and Slip Film product protects the waterproofing of green roofs from mechanical damage. These drainage systems prevent the hydro-static pressure on the waterproofing systems of green roofs, and in combination with the ND TSF-100 Slip and Protection Sheet, protect the waterproofing layers of dynamic and static load.