Drainage system for facade with ceramical pavings - GUTJAHR

Gutjahr is a German company that produces top quality drainage systems. They have programs for interior and exterior paving, as well as for the facade with ceramic tiles. We usually install Gutjahr drainage systems with Ardex waterproofing layers because their products together have proven to be a great solution.

• Ventilation of the facade/wall through the covering support mat.
• Discharges diffused water vapour, preventing frost damage and efflorescence.
• Separates the ceramic covering from the substrate.
• Avoids the formation of cracks due to critical shear stresses.
• Secured simply by the wall plug system, it is suitable for many different uses, e.g. on substrates with problem adhesions such as paint or damp layers of plaster.

In the download zone you can find a more detailed description of the product CeraVent®.

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