Impressions from the construction fair in Budva

DATUM OBJAVE: 06.10.2015.

Finished up another Fair Constructions in Budva. This year's Construction Fair in Budva we started with certain specific expectations, however, we get a lot more than that. Fair days abound in a variety of business requirements and contacts, expansion of business contacts and information exchange with construction companies, architects and investors of large projects through to small and interesting private claims to solve the problem of inadequate insulation of existing and new projects of family houses and the like.

Hereby wish to thank everyone who visited our exhibition space and shown interest in our project design and execution of waterproofing works. Business notebooks are full of contacts and this way we say to all those who have specific requirements that we will get back as soon as possible and according to the agreement we may organize a site visit.

Osim predstavljanja Izoneta, našeg tima, naših projektanskih i izvođačkih sposobnosti u hidroizolacionom smislu, na ovogodišnjem sajmu smo predstavili i naše najznačajnije partnere i njihove proizvode koje mi u Izonetu koristimo i to:In addition to presenting a Izonet, our team, our engineering and construction capabilities in terms of waterproofing, at this year's fair we presented our most important partners and their products that we use in Izonet as follows:
ARDEX, our strong and traditional partner, quality and reliable Austrian manufacturer of waterproofing and various other building products in the system of waterproofing.
GUTJAHR, fantastically innovative and high-quality German manufacturer drainage and sewer systems in waterproofing systems.

NOPHADRAIN, our partner with strong experience and real solutions for green roofs.
TECNOPOL, Spanish manufacturer of special waterproofing and thermal materials for machine method sprayed layers of waterproofing material such as polyurea and polyurethane.
SIKU, our reliable partner in the field of waterproofing materials manufacturer with a respectable range of specialized products.