Introduction of new equipment for applying hot sprayed polyurea waterproofing

DATUM OBJAVE: 06.10.2015.

At Fair in Budva, we also presented our new machine with complete equipment for applying hot sprayed polyurea waterproofing. Reactor E-10 HP, the renowned American manufacturer Graco, is able to precisely and accurately apply hot sprayed polyurea waterproofing and polyurethane thermal insulation and is expandable to large areas on a daily basis.

Basic features of polyurea waterproofing:

  • concerted unsurpassed hardness and resistance to mechanical forces placed
  • elongation (elasticity) to 600%
  • unbeatably strong adhesion to the substrate
  • one coat, unconditionally drying within 4 seconds
  • chemical most resistant waterproofing
  • harmless to the environment and with European certificates for permitted immediate use in drinking water systems
  • UV stable and with great possibilities of application ...