Polyurea in Montenegro for the first time

DATUM OBJAVE: 10.11.2015.

The premiere of applications polyurea waterproofing system in Montenegro

Polyurea as a protective-elastomeric system is a technology that has been implemented since the nineties of the twentieth century and is based on the reaction of chemical components isocyanate and the amine, which by mixing into a specially designed device, under certain temperature and under certain pressure form polyurea elastomeric and protective layer. Two component material in a separate device heated to about 75˚C, and are hard-pressed mixed and applied using a special gun, airless spraying technique.
Basic features of polyurea waterproofing:
  • unprecedented concerted hardness and resistance to mechanical shocks
  • elongation (elasticity) to 600% with total bridging capabilities of the current and subsequent cracks
  • unequaled strong adhesion to the substrate
  • single-row or multi-layer application, drying unconditionally within 4 seconds after each applied layer, making a waterproof cover in one day without any further drying and maturation. After 1 h after application, the system can be loaded with concrete, thermal insulation, and the like.
  • chemically most resistant waterproofing
  • applied to the substrate is completely safe for the environment and for the people and with European certificates for permitted immediate use in drinking water systems
  • applying the final layer of aliphatic, with a choice of different colors, UV stable and with great possibilities of application on irregular surfaces
  • very good grip on all types of surfaces and building materials
  • used to produce a variety of waterproofing systems, corrosion protection, static reinforcement of certain parts of buildings, as the final layer in parking garages, as well as the final layer in manufacturing plants, dairies, hospitals, various laundries, facilities for professional cattle breeding, processing plants and oil gas, recycling yards, etc.
  • can be applied in thin or thick layers, it does not matter because there is no material fracture due to larger amounts of deposited material.

We performed a successful application of polyurea into swimming pools and water tank, all in the residential building in the area of Tivat in Montenegro. The application was done by trained and certified masters of Izonet team.

When choosing the material and the production technology of waterproofing systems of these positions, we were guided by the objective pursued, namely:

  • due to the unpredictable autumn weather and the possibility of rainfall, we have chosen waterproofing system that we can complete in one day

  • due to relatively poor quality concrete surfaces, which was full of visible iron, segregated nests, subsequent concreting, a large number of penetration etc., We chose the waterproofing system and technology that is truly resistant to cracks and subsequent subsidence and truly powerful prionljiva the various types and types of substrates

  • due to the fact that the sealing layer to be highly exposed to the subsequent possibility of mechanical damage because the site very large number of works and people, we applied polyurea waterproofing due to its resistance to stunning blows.

Type of material used:

PRIMER EPw-1070, epoxy primer mixed with calcium carbonate
TECNOCOAT P-2049, 100% pure polyurea
TECNOTOP 2C, aliphatic layer with quartz sand for better adhesion of the ceramic mosaics as the final layer.

Our partner and manufacturer:

Parets del Valles - Barcelona, Spain