Underground waterproofing in Budva

DATUM OBJAVE: 24.11.2015.

We present to you one of our currently challenging installation of waterproofing systems, underground waterproofing system at a level of - 10,0 m. It is a hotel with a 4 + stars in Rafailovici, Budva, Montenegro.

Features of the building and the site are:

  • depth -10.0 m underground
  • distance from the sea only 8.0 meters
  • bottom elevation underground facility in relation to the average sea level is lower by 5 meters
  • powerful and upcoming constant lateral pressure and intrusion of sea water in the foundation excavation
  • expressed irregular geometry of support - diaphragm walls

Technology of underground waterproofing:

  • Sika PVC membrane underground waterproofing as an absolute barrier, welded hot air
  • geotextile protection of 500 gr / m²
  • Nophadrain ND 120 as drainage and protection layer